Entry #1

And here we go ...

2012-10-28 01:09:15 by Kuri-osity

Constantly on the hunt to find places where I can receive feedback from fellow artists, hobbyist or those more professionally-minded, so here I be!

Very much an amateur, very much open to constructive criticism (most definitely receiving, and if you think I'd be of help, happy to give it).

Nice to meet'cha. :)


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2012-12-07 04:04:25

Nice to meet you as well, and welcome to NG!

Kuri-osity responds:

Thank you, much appreciated! I'm happily returning the watch, on the chance that you do in fact post survival info that will be useful in the upcoming apocalypse. ;-)


2012-12-08 01:47:24

Ugh, I know I should... but the maps and wood-gas links got taken offline, by the people who put them up: our government :P Guess I have to zip 'em, so the NG dump can hold them (and hope it works).
The short story is: I was told by a super-psychic, that 900 million would perish due to earthquake and tsunami, and the Earth would be even further off axis, slowing our rotation. And the story gets worse :(
Unfortunately she (and many other non-psychic, intelligent folk) has been right so far.


2012-12-22 07:23:49

New post is up, and there's some decent info there. Hope I can get the time to write a review or two for the work you've posted so far.. but it looks like proportions, colors and everything are dead-on, and show a lot of patience, hard work and emerging skill.